3 Steps to Optimize Your Talent Management Processes

With the principle of simplicity as the context and your business strategy as the driver, we apply 3 steps to help you deliver dramatically better results from your talent processes:

Step 1. Leverage the science.

Our focus is on helping you deliver breakthrough results in a short period of time. As a result, we don’t waste a lot of time “reinventing the wheel” or doing big benchmarking studies. We look at what talent management processes have actually proven to achieve your talent and business goals. In other words, “What Works?”

Step 2. Eliminate complexity, add value.

Implementation is everything, so we focus on making talent management easy and relevant for managers to do. In this step we ask, “How can we do more with less?” and work with you to identify and remove barriers and obstacles to the results your organization needs. We do this by turning the design process on its head, asking how little data or few steps will it take us to get the right answers. In addition, we strive to take complex information and simplify it, so that it becomes a business tool that line managers can easily use and helps them make better business decisions.

As we refine your talent practices, we ensure alignment and integration with other business processes.

Our experience shows that 2-3 things really matter in each talent management practice. The solution is science-based simplicity.

Step 3. Create accountability and transparency.

Managers are busy and have a full list of things to do, so how do we get them to do what we need them to do with talent? Here we ask, “How do we make it stick?"


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